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The Hurdler Bag

The Hurdler is the new clean and safe way to remove HVAC units and hot water heaters from residences.

Our sturdy bag makes it simple for HVAC technicians and Plumbers to move old or new equipment and parts through homes and businesses safely.

For HVAC Systems & Water Heaters

HVAC unit moving bag


The Hurdler helps contain water spillage and rust debris. It also lessens the potential risk of injury from sharp or jagged materials to the workmen handling the unit. It has strategic handles and straps for carrying and lifting heavy loads. The Hurdler was designed by a 40+ year veteran of the HVAC industry.


The Hurdler is made of high quality and durable vinyl coated polyester which prevents the bag from tearing. The straps are polypropylene webbing which will support significant weight.


The strategically placed zippers make loading and unloading the units a simple process. The handles and straps combined make lifting and maneuvering the unit through access openings and stairwells a much easier and quicker process, and a much safer process for the technicians.


The use the Hurdler helps prevent damage to customer’s floors and walls. It contains any spillages and greatly reduces the potential for the technicians to accidentally bump into the customer’s walls or furniture. An investment in the Hurdler helps assure your company a fast and damage-free installation.

save time and effort with the hurdler

Reduce tech time and liability risk with one zip of The Hurdler. Your technicians will get the job done quicker and safer with The Hurdler.